Christmas #2

15 02 2012

M.D. and I flew back to FL on Christmas day, while the rest of his family started the long drive back. We went to my Mom’s house and did Christmas with her and my sisters the next day.

M.D. was looking mighty scruffily at this point.

We enjoyed some cheese from Wisconsin shaped like a cow that my mom’s friend brought her. It was delicious!

We took a quick trip over to my grandparents’ house on the west coast of FL, and enjoyed an amazing meal at our favorite restaurant there, Philippi Creek. My sister Jackie’s boyfriend was able to join us there, too!

By that time M.D.’s family was back in our hometown, and we were able to go watch his sister Sky compete in the annual Disney soccer tournament. She’s an impressive defender, and it was neat to watch her get scouted out by college coaches 🙂

Sadly, we had to pack up the car after that and head home. We had a full trunk. Thankfully the Mini’s back seats fold down so we could stuff it with even more stuff. Between our suitcases for 2 weeks, and all of the gifts that our generous family members gave us, it was hard to see out the back.

We got home and had a day to put everything away and get prepared for our busy weeks back. I also made sure to test out my new espresso maker from Sky and made Cuban coffee! Delicious!


Breckenridge, CO

13 02 2012

After our amazing time at the Broncos game, we drove out to Breckenridge, CO to ski. My in-laws have a time share there that’s ski-in ski-out, so it’s pretty fantastic. We get up early, ski, come in around 1 or 2 (depending on how good the skiing is and how exhausted we are), have lunch, go to the hot tub, and just hang out as a family.

Everyone else has skied practically their whole lives, and I just started my senior year in high school, so I am pretty worn out at the end of a day following them down some crazy hills. I couldn’t believe that my dear husband, his sister Sky, and dad decided to have a push-up competition one night.

Another night, my father-in-law had to go to Denver for work, and my brother- and sister-in-law went to visit some friends, so M.D., his mom, Sky, and I had a nice dinner of grilled chicken Caesar salad. The only problem is that the grills are outside. So we bundled up to make our meal.

M.D. manned the grill.

Sky conquered the table?

What a cute picture of my mom-in-law and her daughter.

We did anything we could to stay warm. Thankfully the grills weren’t too far from our room!

I love Breck. It is such a pretty mountain.

There’s my mountain man husband. The guys grow out their beards while we’re skiing. They say it’s “to keep warm”. I’m not buying it.

Sitting in one of those chairs in the sun after skiing is wonderful!

My in-laws. They’re pretty amazing people 🙂 I’m so blessed to be part of their family.

Leaving the mountains. There really was not a lot of snow this year – check out all of the green!

Dentist Woes

9 02 2012

Allow me to interrupt this (extremely drawn out) recap of our Christmas adventures. I am just so annoyed at the irony of this situation that I had to share.

I pride myself on my lack of cavities. I had one when I first got my permanent teeth in, and haven’t had any since. I never really flossed, but after my last dentist appointment 6 months ago, I decided to try an experiment. I wanted to floss regularly –  if not every day, then every other day – until my next appointment, and see if they stopped bugging me. If not, forget flossing forever.

So I did it. I was extremely faithful in flossing. I had an appointment today and walked in excited (for once) to hear praises of my dental habits. Instead, I got an attack on my gums. My hygienist stabbed them repeatedly, and then declared that since they were bleeding so much I must not be flossing.

Excuse me?

To add insult to injury in this whole situation, the dentist then came in and told me – Congrats! You have two cavities. See you again soon!

I am never flossing again.

Broncos Game: Home Turf

2 02 2012

We celebrated our arrival in Denver with lunch at Chipotle. David and Rena really miss it since there isn’t one where they live in Florida, and I love it even though there’s one around the corner. It was a really fun time with us all decked out in Bronco gear and getting “Go Broncos!” comments from everyone in the restuarant.

Then we headed over to the stadium. Everyone else had been to at least one game at Mile High, but this was my first time even seeing it up close. It’s pretty cool looking! Sorry for the glare, this was from the car.

Thankfully the weather was beautiful that day – in the 50’s. We didn’t need to bring our ski jackets (mine is the huge pink one with fur trim!).

We were so excited! Check out the row number…

The view of Denver on the way up to our seats.

This statement has to be true, because we got up really high in the stadium, and we definitely had lots of Bronco pride!

The view from our seats. I got a little bit of vertigo from being so high and the stadium being so steep up there.

We were in the very last row of the stadium, but we were all so excited to be there we didn’t care where we were sitting. It was such a blast.

We got to watch the sun set behind the mountains from our seats. That’s something you can’t say about most stadiums 🙂

There they are! Even from way up high, we could see really well. It was a sad loss to the Patriots, but we left with high spirits since the team played pretty well and we were just so happy to be there.

Christmas #1

31 01 2012

It has been really hard getting back into blogging. Work and other things have been crazy, so when I get home I just want to crash on the couch! I still have to post about our Christmas break, so here goes the beginning.

We left on a Friday night right after work to celebrate Christmas with M.D.’s family. We did it at David and Rena’s house, and it was great having Rena’s family there with us too. David spend lots of time playing with the wiener dogs before we left them.

M.D.’s parents surprised us that night with tickets to the Broncos/Patriots football game in Denver, so after we opened presents up we had to get on the road. Before we did that, though, we had to put all of the cars we weren’t taking away. Somehow we managed to fit a F150, a Mustang Roush, a Saturn Sky, and our Mini Cooper in David and Rena’s garage. It was pretty impressive.

So then we were off in the “Big Blue Van Thing”, as my father-in-law calls their conversion van. They bought it this past summer for a road trip to Canada, and we were pretty thankful to drive in it rather than a mini van. M.D. grew up doing road trips with the fam, so he loves them and would drive everywhere if we could. I’m still getting used to the 20+ hour drives, and was wishing we had flown about 10 hours in. I just go a little stir crazy, but it really wasn’t too bad in the end.

This part of the trip was hilarious because the guys sat in the middle seats and watched videos on M.D.’s phone while sharing headphones. Probably not the coziest situation, but oh well.

We stopped in Kansas for the night, and left really early the next morning. This is about all I saw of that state.

We finally got to Denver about 11AM and picked up our tickets. We hit up a Chipotle for lunch and we were off to Mile High Stadium…

Long Time, No Blog

10 01 2012

After being away for 2 1/2 weeks, it was a lot harder to get back into the swing of things than I thought it would be. We got back home late on the 1st, and had the 2nd to try to get our lives back in order (it didn’t work too well – we still had so much to do after that day!) My first week back at work was the longest week ever, even though it was only 4 days long. I was thanking the Lord for a doctor’s appointment on my first day back so that I could get out of the office!

Thankfully, we had this weekend to finish putting away Christmas decorations and finding homes for our gifts. I spent a lot of Saturday cleaning. It’s amazing how dirty a place can get without anyone living in it! M.D. was back to the studying grind – it looks like this will be a tough semester.

We got to watch a lot of football this weekend to unwind, which was awesome. I love football, especially when it’s my team. I was thrilled that the Broncos didn’t disappoint in the playoff game against the Steelers. M.D. and I were screaming and jumping around our apartment in excitement.

Life is pretty much back to normal now. I still have to go through all of my pictures from our trips and organize them, which should take a while. I’m still so thankful to be home 🙂


1 01 2012

It has been quite the whirlwind tour for us these past couple of weeks. We’ve traveled from one side of the country to the other, by both car and plane, and I am exhausted. I am very thankful to be in my own home 🙂