It’s Here

1 11 2012

I’ve been impatiently waiting all of October, and now it’s finally here. I experienced it today, and I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since I have been able to indulge.

Welcome back, caramel brulee latte. 

Although many people rave about your older brother, the pumpkin spice latte, I find that it tastes pretty gross. That’s coming from someone who adores all (well, I guess most) things pumpkin. I think the caramel brulee latte tastes kind of earthy and cozy, just like fall. And thanks to the amazing weather we’ve had down here in FL, it is finally starting to feel like my favorite season.

M.D. will tell you that I am obsessed with caramel brulee lattes. And he can give a prime example of me embarrassing him beyond belief one day in October when I thought the delicious drink had come out early.

Scene: Target. Day: Mid-October. I was on the Starbucks web site trying to figure out when the caramel brulee lattes would return, and there it was. Above a picture, it said “Now Available”. I was so beyond excited. I made M.D. come with me to Target after church to pick up a few things and stop by their Starbucks. We came in, and M.D. watched, mortified, as this happened:

Me: Can I please have a caramel brulee latte?
Barista: We don’t have them yet. They don’t come out until November.
Me: Oh…but I checked the web site and it said they’re available.
Barista: It did?
Me: Yes. On the Starbucks web site. It had a picture and said “Now Available”.
Barista: Well the web site is wrong. Can I get you something else?
Me (pouty): No, thanks. 
Barista: I can make you something that tastes almost exactly like it!
Me (walking away): That’s OK. Have a nice day.

M.D. could not even believe that this happened. If he were to tell you the story, he’d say that I mentioned the web site at least 5 times, when I know it couldn’t have been more than 2.

But none of that matters any more. Because I have my caramel brulee latte in hand, and I am content.




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