While The Hubs Is Away…

27 02 2012

M.D. has a meeting at school tonight, which means I was left alone for dinner. When he’s home, I have this serious desire to make him a delicious dinner. I really enjoy cooking and it helps me decompress after a long day.

When he’s away, though? I really lack motivation to make dinner for myself. I usually just throw something really easy together (like grilled chicken on a salad, or dirty rice), but tonight I was feeling even less like cooking than usual. My dinner consisted of:

  • Cheese and crackers
  • Pear slices (and not even fresh pear, the type that you find in a can and drenched in syrup)
  • Leftover cookie dough from these amazing things I made for a March of Dimes bake sale we’re having at work tomorrow

I’m considering adding a cupcake to this list. And it wouldn’t be one stolen from the bake sale, because I made extras in case of emergency. Don’t you think this counts as an emergency?

I’m in serious trouble when M.D. gets shipped off for training this summer.




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