Christmas #2

15 02 2012

M.D. and I flew back to FL on Christmas day, while the rest of his family started the long drive back. We went to my Mom’s house and did Christmas with her and my sisters the next day.

M.D. was looking mighty scruffily at this point.

We enjoyed some cheese from Wisconsin shaped like a cow that my mom’s friend brought her. It was delicious!

We took a quick trip over to my grandparents’ house on the west coast of FL, and enjoyed an amazing meal at our favorite restaurant there, Philippi Creek. My sister Jackie’s boyfriend was able to join us there, too!

By that time M.D.’s family was back in our hometown, and we were able to go watch his sister Sky compete in the annual Disney soccer tournament. She’s an impressive defender, and it was neat to watch her get scouted out by college coaches 🙂

Sadly, we had to pack up the car after that and head home. We had a full trunk. Thankfully the Mini’s back seats fold down so we could stuff it with even more stuff. Between our suitcases for 2 weeks, and all of the gifts that our generous family members gave us, it was hard to see out the back.

We got home and had a day to put everything away and get prepared for our busy weeks back. I also made sure to test out my new espresso maker from Sky and made Cuban coffee! Delicious!




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5 05 2013

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