Breckenridge, CO

13 02 2012

After our amazing time at the Broncos game, we drove out to Breckenridge, CO to ski. My in-laws have a time share there that’s ski-in ski-out, so it’s pretty fantastic. We get up early, ski, come in around 1 or 2 (depending on how good the skiing is and how exhausted we are), have lunch, go to the hot tub, and just hang out as a family.

Everyone else has skied practically their whole lives, and I just started my senior year in high school, so I am pretty worn out at the end of a day following them down some crazy hills. I couldn’t believe that my dear husband, his sister Sky, and dad decided to have a push-up competition one night.

Another night, my father-in-law had to go to Denver for work, and my brother- and sister-in-law went to visit some friends, so M.D., his mom, Sky, and I had a nice dinner of grilled chicken Caesar salad. The only problem is that the grills are outside. So we bundled up to make our meal.

M.D. manned the grill.

Sky conquered the table?

What a cute picture of my mom-in-law and her daughter.

We did anything we could to stay warm. Thankfully the grills weren’t too far from our room!

I love Breck. It is such a pretty mountain.

There’s my mountain man husband. The guys grow out their beards while we’re skiing. They say it’s “to keep warm”. I’m not buying it.

Sitting in one of those chairs in the sun after skiing is wonderful!

My in-laws. They’re pretty amazing people 🙂 I’m so blessed to be part of their family.

Leaving the mountains. There really was not a lot of snow this year – check out all of the green!




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