Dentist Woes

9 02 2012

Allow me to interrupt this (extremely drawn out) recap of our Christmas adventures. I am just so annoyed at the irony of this situation that I had to share.

I pride myself on my lack of cavities. I had one when I first got my permanent teeth in, and haven’t had any since. I never really flossed, but after my last dentist appointment 6 months ago, I decided to try an experiment. I wanted to floss regularly –  if not every day, then every other day – until my next appointment, and see if they stopped bugging me. If not, forget flossing forever.

So I did it. I was extremely faithful in flossing. I had an appointment today and walked in excited (for once) to hear praises of my dental habits. Instead, I got an attack on my gums. My hygienist stabbed them repeatedly, and then declared that since they were bleeding so much I must not be flossing.

Excuse me?

To add insult to injury in this whole situation, the dentist then came in and told me – Congrats! You have two cavities. See you again soon!

I am never flossing again.




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