Broncos Game: Home Turf

2 02 2012

We celebrated our arrival in Denver with lunch at Chipotle. David and Rena really miss it since there isn’t one where they live in Florida, and I love it even though there’s one around the corner. It was a really fun time with us all decked out in Bronco gear and getting “Go Broncos!” comments from everyone in the restuarant.

Then we headed over to the stadium. Everyone else had been to at least one game at Mile High, but this was my first time even seeing it up close. It’s pretty cool looking! Sorry for the glare, this was from the car.

Thankfully the weather was beautiful that day – in the 50’s. We didn’t need to bring our ski jackets (mine is the huge pink one with fur trim!).

We were so excited! Check out the row number…

The view of Denver on the way up to our seats.

This statement has to be true, because we got up really high in the stadium, and we definitely had lots of Bronco pride!

The view from our seats. I got a little bit of vertigo from being so high and the stadium being so steep up there.

We were in the very last row of the stadium, but we were all so excited to be there we didn’t care where we were sitting. It was such a blast.

We got to watch the sun set behind the mountains from our seats. That’s something you can’t say about most stadiums 🙂

There they are! Even from way up high, we could see really well. It was a sad loss to the Patriots, but we left with high spirits since the team played pretty well and we were just so happy to be there.




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