Christmas #1

31 01 2012

It has been really hard getting back into blogging. Work and other things have been crazy, so when I get home I just want to crash on the couch! I still have to post about our Christmas break, so here goes the beginning.

We left on a Friday night right after work to celebrate Christmas with M.D.’s family. We did it at David and Rena’s house, and it was great having Rena’s family there with us too. David spend lots of time playing with the wiener dogs before we left them.

M.D.’s parents surprised us that night with tickets to the Broncos/Patriots football game in Denver, so after we opened presents up we had to get on the road. Before we did that, though, we had to put all of the cars we weren’t taking away. Somehow we managed to fit a F150, a Mustang Roush, a Saturn Sky, and our Mini Cooper in David and Rena’s garage. It was pretty impressive.

So then we were off in the “Big Blue Van Thing”, as my father-in-law calls their conversion van. They bought it this past summer for a road trip to Canada, and we were pretty thankful to drive in it rather than a mini van. M.D. grew up doing road trips with the fam, so he loves them and would drive everywhere if we could. I’m still getting used to the 20+ hour drives, and was wishing we had flown about 10 hours in. I just go a little stir crazy, but it really wasn’t too bad in the end.

This part of the trip was hilarious because the guys sat in the middle seats and watched videos on M.D.’s phone while sharing headphones. Probably not the coziest situation, but oh well.

We stopped in Kansas for the night, and left really early the next morning. This is about all I saw of that state.

We finally got to Denver about 11AM and picked up our tickets. We hit up a Chipotle for lunch and we were off to Mile High Stadium…




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