Jared’s Visit

14 12 2011

Since we were with my family for Thanksgiving, we missed out on seeing M.D.’s good friend from Canada, Jared. Luckily, he was in town for 2 weeks so the first weekend in December we traveled up to stay with my brother and sister-in-law and spend time with Jared. Since he’s from Canada, he was determined to go to the beach, even though it was chilly by our Floridian standards (probably 70 and windy, and the water was about 70).

Jared, David and M.D. trying to get their nerves up for the water.

I love this picture because you can see all of them trying to keep their bodies out of the water as much as possible. That didn’t last long, though, and they spent about 30 minutes body surfing. David’s wife Rena and I walked the beach and occasionally checked to make sure that no one drowned.

It was definitely a beautiful day, and it made me wonder why we don’t visit the beach more often when we live so close. I want to try to take advantage of it while we can.




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