5 12 2011

Meet Norman

Norman is my aunt and uncle’s Old English Sheepdog. He is the most apathetic and laid-back dog I’ve ever met in my life. He is definitely a sweetheart, but I’ve never seen a puppy sleep that much. Watching the girls walk him was so funny.

On Friday afternoon, my mom, M.D. and I decided to take a walk in the beautiful weather, and my aunt asked us to take Norman with us. To get to the beginning of the trail we wanted to go on, we had to drive. M.D. and I shared the back seat with Norman.

It was a little squishy back there

The walk was gorgeous though. It was a nice trail behind some neighborhoods and had a bridge over another road. Mom wanted us to have a nice picture with Norm.

I kind of want a sheepdog now. Don’t ask how M.D. feels about this. He’s only into one type of dog, but that’s a story for another day.




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