Black Friday

2 12 2011

My mom, sisters, and I always go shopping on Black Friday. It was pretty strange starting at midnight, though. We brought my 13 year-old cousin with us for her first Black Friday experience. Man was it cold! I have no idea what temperature it was but during the day the high was in the 50s. We saw the line at Target and hung out in the car until it got a little shorter.

Huddling for warmth

We got a few things while we were out, but I only spent $13. And $5 of that was ski socks for me, so I was not terribly impressed. I did get to pick out a few things that I wanted for Christmas that my sisters bought for me. That’s how we roll. And how we make sure we get what we want…

There may have been some silliness going on, too

This is a horrible picture, but it’s the only evidence I have of our 3 am fridge raid. See that pan of mashed potatoes? It was full when we started. Hey, midnight shopping with all of the other crazies will make you tired!

Hungry shoppers

Then it was back to bed for us, because we still had one full day left in Ohio and I planned to make the most of it 🙂




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