1 12 2011

One week ago M.D. and I got onto a plane and traveled to Cincinnati, OH. We’ve had to juggle two or three different Thanksgivings on the same day for the past few years, so I was really excited to be going to see my family for just the one dinner. Cincinnati is my hometown, and M.D. had never been, so I was also happy to be able to show him all of the places we go when we visit (and all of the places that we eat).

The trip itself wasn’t bad at all, thankfully.  My grandpa and mom picked us up, and on the way to my grandparents’ house we drove past my grandpa’s old company (now owned by 3M), downtown, my first home, and my grandparents’ beautiful church that they’re helping build a fellowship hall onto.

My First Home!

It was complete chaos at my grandparents’ house, but I loved every second of it. I hadn’t seen most of my mom’s side of the family since our wedding a year and a half ago, so to be surrounded by them was so wonderful. We played lots of cards, ate more than I can believe, and talked a lot!

I’ve always loved my grandparents’ house. I’m not sure if it’s just all of the memories I have there, or if I actually like their house. My grandparents are the best, too. Any time we can spend with them is amazing!

Grandma and Grandpa getting things together for dinner

I’m not sure why this picture looks a little blurry, but it was nice to get a picture of my mom and sisters with me and M.D. (From L-R: Mom, my sisters, me, and M.D.)

The Fam

I am the second oldest of all my cousins, so most of them are still pretty young. I only have 3 guy cousins, too, which means there are tons of little girls running around. I love it but I forget how much energy they have!! Their big game while we were there was to “tickle” us and make us eat our own hair. It was pretty hilarious. I think my cousin on the bottom right looks just like Cindy Lou Who – what do you think?


More Cousins

More on this trip later, since this post is getting pretty long…but I love time with family so there will be more pictures coming!




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