Crazy Week

22 11 2011

I learned something important this week at work. When you are everyone’s back up, there will be at least times where one person is out on PTO, two others are busy working on a project for the boss, and another is so behind that they need help. That day was yesterday for me. I barely got anything done for my own job, which is pretty annoying.

It’s been a good learning exprience for me, because I have to learn how to say no. That’s hard for me since I’m a big-time people pleaser.  It feels pretty horrible when I say “no, I don’t have time”, and my old manager basically tells me “too bad, this thing that I’m asking you to do is way more important than what you’re working on now”. It’s pretty empowering when it works, though. 

Since this week is short and we have a huge launch happening next week, everyone’s in crazy mode. We also had a Thanksgiving lunch today with a few departments, and drew names for the department Secret Santa exchange. It’s been really busy, and I am exhausted. Thank you Lord for the days off awaiting me.




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