Cuban Hot Chocolate

18 11 2011

The other day M.D. brought home a surprise from one of his friends at school, Dustin. Dustin recently married into a Cuban family and loves the way they make hot chocolate, so he thought we’d like to try it. I’m obsessed with Cuban coffee so I figured any other drink would have to be amazing too.. M.D. hates coffee but loves hot chocolate, so there was nothing to lose here. He was so excited about it and pretty much took control of making it.
It comes in a bar form that you melt with a little bit of milk on the stove, then add more milk and bring to a boil to make it creamy. Ours looked like this:
It was definitely some of the creamiest hot chocolate I’ve ever had. M.D. was obsessed by the end of one glass. We’re heading on a few trips to colder places in the next few months, and I think we’ll have to bring some with us to enjoy in the cooler weather (because while I really liked it, 83 degrees is not perfect hot chocolate weather).




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