Dinner with Med Students

16 11 2011

This weekend M.D. and I went to a dinner put together by a club at his school. They got 3rd and 4th year students from most of the Florida rotation sites to come in and present the pros and cons of each location (after 2 years of actual class work med students go into hospitals to try to get exposure to every specialty. At M.D.’s school, there are rotation sites all over Florida and a few out of state).

I was really glad we went, since we learned a lot about locations we hadn’t even considered before.  It definitely was an eye-opener about how little I’m going to see M.D. in the next few years. At one hospital, their surgery students work an average of 120 hours a week. Crazy! I am so glad I never wanted to be a doctor…

The hilarious, but pretty scary, part of the dinner was watching the other students. There were at least 100 people there, most of them students. My personal favorite interaction of the night was one girl asking me if I actually had a say in where we moved toand then looking shocked when I said yes, my husband does include me in decision-making. Add to that students that already thought they were doctors and knew everything, girls standing up in the middle of presentations and taking their pictures, and various other incidents of the night, and I was so ready to get out when the speakers were done! The future of medicine in America scares me enough without having to be scared of the doctors themselves.




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