A Fan of Nordstrom’s

10 11 2011

Finally, a store I can get on board with!!

Although there is no way I could afford to shop at Nordstrom’s (or Snob-strom’s, as M.D. calls it), there’s an outlet store here that I might have to take some of my Christmas shopping money to, since I love this policy so much!! I am pretty sick of all the Christmas decorations in stores this far before Thanksgiving! That is a holiday too, people!




One response

11 11 2011

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my post. I will keep it fresh in my head that another woman freaked out all the way up until the day she walked down the aisle! I used to think that if he was ‘the right guy’ then I wouldn’t be so scared, but I’m learning I’d be scared with anyone!

Thanks for commenting so I can find your site 🙂
And tell your M.D. thanks for his service 🙂

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