Carving Pumpkins

31 10 2011

M.D. doesn’t really love the whole Halloween thing. He doesn’t like dressing up and hates candy corn. Those make me a little sad, but the worst part is that he doesn’t enjoy carving pumpkins as much as I do. I have never seen him do it, and last year on our first married Halloween, I carved our jack-o-lantern by myself (which was actually really fun).

This year I was volunteering at a church truck n’ treat event where I was representing our small group: Newly Weds / Nearly Weds. So, instead of doing a jack-o-lantern, I wanted to do something different.

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet, right? Our pumpkin is a little lopsided (I had to go to 3 stores to find any pumpkins!) so this book had to prop it up a little. It was a really big hit at the event and I had a lot of fun carving it. M.D. even lent me his scalpel to get the more intricate designs looking nice.

I think it’s pretty cute, myself, and I’m pretty proud of my non-crafty self.

Happy Halloween!




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