Pie Fail

28 10 2011

So last weekend I decided that I would make a really nice dinner for M.D. since he was studying so hard. I cooked a roast, made mashed potatoes, and whipped up some homemade rustic rolls that he loves. Then I figured it was a good time to attempt to make my first pie from scratch. I’d done plenty around the holidays with a pre-made crust, but M.D. would have none of that.

You see, his mom makes amazing pies. And she always makes her crust from scratch, so M.D. is spoiled for life. His favorite dessert is her cold peach pie (which I’m a big fan of too). I was really nervous about making this pie, since I had a lot to live up to. When we went to Canada over the summer I bought some lard for pie crust (M.D.’s mom says this specific brand is the best lard to use for crust, so I went with it).

So Saturday afternoon I pulled out the lard and made the crust. It was actually pretty easy, and I stuck it in the freezer to cool it off for rolling out. Then I pulled out my apples, and spent the next hour or so listening to music, and peeling and chopping the apples. I have no idea why it took me so long, and M.D. even came out at one point to make sure I was OK since he heard me slicing for so long. I assembled the pie, and what I took out of the oven 40 minutes later closely resembled a tent. I figured it would be fine since M.D.’s mom told me to pile up the apples.

When we sliced the pie open that night, M.D. just started laughing. Behold:

The inside was more like an apple soup than a pie, and the crust just kind of hung out way above. It was pretty horrible. The worst part is that it looked so good from this angle:

Sorry for the horrible pictures and lighting. After our feast for dinner we didn’t feel like having dessert until much later. Anyways, the good part of this story is that it still tasted delicious, and we’ve eaten it almost ever night since then. That’s the problem with me baking – M.D. is trying not to eat too much dessert and it’s hard for me to eat too much of it!




2 responses

28 10 2011

I have a deep appreciation for pie making and the art of the crust. Suggestion: use butter in your crust instead of lard – light and flaky results. What kind of apples did you use?

Keep going!

28 10 2011

I’ll have to try that sometime. I just went with M.D.’s mom’s tried and true recipe 🙂 They were granny smith apples

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