Pumpkin Obsession

27 10 2011

Well, I finally put up my fall decorations. With a brief cold front last week and the promise of another one next week, I figured it was time. My pumpkin spice candle (which I wish I could eat) has been burning every night while we eat dinner, and our normally beach-inspired living room has been converted to a pumpkin convention.

M.D. isn’t as crazy about pumpkin as I am, but that won’t stop me from making some pumpkin bread this weekend. Since he’s got a huge exam on Monday and will be studying all weekend, my plans will include carving a pumpkin and roasting up some seeds for snacks.

If I could safely say that I wouldn’t end up eating every one of these, I might make a batch:

How Sweet It Is

(Oh, and if you haven’t ever visited Jessica’s site, you need to. NOW. Unless you’re on a diet. Then it’ll make you cry.)

Or even just plain pumpkin pie. I’ve had one slice so far this year and it’s the only thing pumpkin-related I’ve ingested. Hence the obsession with pumpkin in this post. Before I start baking up anything pumpkin though, I need to get M.D.’s help to finish off the apple pie that I made this weekend. Because baking a whole pie for two people when one of them is trying not to eat too much dessert (M.D.) was not a smart thing to do.




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