Scarf Weather?

20 10 2011

It is finally getting cooler down here. For the past 4 days we’ve had disgusting weather: tons of rain, high humidity, and very warm. There was even a tornado in a neighboring town. This morning when I stepped outside, I was shocked. It was perfect! The humidity and temperature had dropped. It was 66 when I got into my car, and the radio said there was a high of 79. I can’t imagine better weather.

I guess some people at work disagreed, because when I got there I noticed that a lot of women were wearing jeans, sweaters and scarves. I couldn’t believe it! 66 might warrant a sweater, but since it got up to 80 around lunch time I definitely don’t think a scarf is necessary.

Is this just some popular fashion statement that Florida women will jump at the chance to join in on? If so, I really missed the memo. So I looked online today at some scarves, and there are some really cute ones! Here are a few of my favorites.

Lands End Canvas

I love the idea of this bright, cheerful scarf on a gross winter day.

Banana Republic

I love this wool one, and Banana Republic has amazing quality, but at almost $60 I’d have to pass.

Forever 21

This one is really cute, and much more in my price range. Unfortunately, since we only experience “winter” for about 2 weeks of the year (if we’re lucky) I don’t think M.D. would appreciate me going on a scarf-buying frenzy. Oh well, I’m sure the Army will move us somewhere cold eventually!




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