Bella at the Beach

19 10 2011

This is Bella.

Bella is one of my mom’s dogs, and she’s a blue weimaraner. The only dogs my family’s ever owned are weimies. They are amazing dogs. The funny thing about this picture is that it’s from when my mom took Bella to the beach for the first time, and this is one dog that hates the water. Apparently she spent the whole time just watching people, but going nowhere near the waves. Weimaraners are usually water dogs. Other weimies that we’ve had jumped into the pool to go swimming with us, while Bella will climb all over you to get out.

We hoped she’d grow out of it, but since she’s now 2 ½ years old I guess there’s no chance of that. She is a sweetheart though, so I guess we can forgive her fear of the water.




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