14 10 2011

This may make me sound like a complete loser, but when I find a grocery store I love, I get really excited. I am always so happy after a trip to a local market chain we have. The people working there are so friendly, the produce and meats are always amazing, and their prices are very competitive. On the other hand, the Walmart Neighborhood Market we have nearby gets me seriously depressed. Not that I have anything against Walmart, but the atmosphere of this particular store, and the people who shop there are horrible. I avoid it at all costs (even driving 10 minutes further away to a nicer store).

In the blog world, people rave about a store called Trader Joe’s. I have never been anywhere near a TJ’s, but my sister shopped there when she did an internship in San Francisco this summer, and she is obsessed. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s is a regional store and the closest one is in Georgia. The consensus in the press was that one would never open in Florida since it would be too far from their food sources (TJ’s sells 80% their own private label and only 20% other brands).

I just discovered today that they are going to be opening a Trader Joe’s in Naples sometime soon!! That’s just a drive across 75 for us, and you can bet that I will be making that trip eventually just to go to this store. The nice thing is Naples is on the way to/from my grandparents’ house, so every time we go visit them I can either stop on the way over or back.

I’m dying to know when it will open, and I’ll be looking closely for any news of it online. Now the only question is how our budget will like this development…




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