The Birthday Gift That Keeps Getting More and More Exciting

12 10 2011

A few days before my birthday, my dad drove down to have dinner with M.D. and me. He brought me an awesome present – tickets to the Broncos/Dolphins game in the 7th row on the Bronco side! M.D.’s family has always loved the Broncos since they lived in Colorado for years, and I’ve kind of just gone along with cheering for them since I don’t really care about NFL football too much. When Tim Tebow graduated from UF and got signed by the Broncos though, I became a pretty big Broncos fan. M.D. wasn’t too thrilled at first, since Tebow’s Gator team ran all over the Noles the whole time M.D. was at FSU, but now he’s a huge Tebow fan too.

The first year that Tebow was with the Broncos he saw a little bit of action here and there, but nothing huge. This weekend we went up to visit family in our hometown, and M.D.’s family gave me my birthday gift – a genuine Tim Tebow jersey!! I’m in love. It’s my first jersey ever and it is so exciting.

So of course I put the jersey on to watch the first half of the Broncos’ game against the Chargers on Sunday (we had to drive home after that) and it was pretty disgusting watching Kyle Orton (the Broncos’ starting quarterback) through picks and panic whenever the Chargers’ defense got too close. Well, go figure, as soon as we left the Broncos put Tebow in as QB, and didn’t take him out for the rest of the game! He almost pulled an upset, and came from behind to end the game at 29-23.

The Broncos’ head coach John Fox must have thought that Tebow looked pretty darn good on the field, because yesterday he made a statement that he’ll be the starting quarterback for the Dolphins game!! I am so excited to be able to see Tim Tebow play again after watching him for years as a Gator. You can bet I’ll be sporting my jersey with pride and screaming as loudly as I can for the Broncos!




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