Swoop, Swoop, Swoop

6 10 2011

(If you get that Friends reference you get 10 points!)

M.D. and I are going skiing with his family for part of our Christmas vacation this year, and we are so excited! His parents have a timeshare at one of the mountains in Colorado, and for the past few years I joined them for at least a day. This will only be the second time that I’ll be there for the whole week.

It’s definitely an experience skiing with M.D.’s family – they have all practically been skiing since they started walking, and I went on my first skiing trip my freshman year of college. Thankfully, they all put up with me and give me pointers. The one thing that they didn’t really like was the pain of me renting all of my ski equipment (and then my complaints about the horrible rental boots).

Last year we started hunting for a pair of last season boots for me. M.D. figured I could rent the skis and poles, but boots were really best when you get them fit specifically for you. I went into quite a few Christie Ski stores, and ran into the same problem with every pair of boots I tried – my huge calves. I hadn’t really noticed it before, but I guess that’s what 16 years of dancing will do to a girl. One boot fitter very gently called them “athletic calves”, so that was of course the running joke of the trip.

When we were walking around town one night, we went into a higher end ski store. I was determined to try on a cute pink pair of boots that matched my ski jacket. The last season tag and half off price didn’t hurt, either. The boot fitter had other plans, though, and stuck me into a cream pair with gold buckles. Miracle of miracles, they fit perfectly. I was in love. I walked around the store without pain, and everyone could see that these were the boots for me.

What I was not loving was the price tag. Almost $600 for boots that I would wear maybe once a year? That was not going to happen. So, we wrote down the model number, thanked the boot fitter and went on our way. I put the boots and size on my Wishpot list and pretty much forgot about them until we started making plans to go skiing again this year. M.D. suggested he look into getting the boots for me as a birthday present, which I thought was a great idea.

Amazingly, a company was selling the now last-season boots for under $300! So, on my birthday, I got to open these beauties:

I really can’t wait to go skiing now 🙂




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