Beach Baptism

30 09 2011

After my family left Sunday afternoon, M.D. and I were both feeling tired and not really like doing anything. Our church was having a huge beach baptism that afternoon, and we decided to stop being lazy and go join the party. So we packed up our stuff, jumped in the car and drove down to the boardwalk.

When our church told us that there’d be a party, they were not kidding. There was music, food, and hundreds of people. Lots of them were there to be baptized, but it was awesome to see how many people came out just to be supportive of their decision.

The only baptisms I’ve seen have either been a “Catholic sprinkling”, as M.D. calls them, or in his parents’ Baptist church. To see people walking into the beautiful ocean, and make a public proclamation of their beliefs was just breathtaking. My favorite was watching our friends, who lead the preschool and kids ministries at the church, baptize the kids. It was absolutely adorable, but also inspiring, to see these small children who could barely stand in the 3 feet of water “take the plunge” and commit their lives.

When we left, I felt so peaceful and glad that we had gone. As soon as we got home I was exhausted, but I loved knowing that we had spent an afternoon supporting and applauding people taking a huge step in their spiritual walk, surrounded by God’s beautiful creation. It is not an afternoon I’ll soon forget.




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