Living the South Florida Life

27 09 2011

Many people would feel quite lucky to live in South Florida – gorgeous beaches, lots of nightlife, and tons to do. I, however, never had any desire to even visit, let alone live, down here (although I was always up for a trip to Sawgrass Mall while passing through to the Keys). It still amazes me that two homebodies like M.D. and I ended up here. The noise, busyness, and sheer amounts of people drive us crazy. This place couldn’t be further from where I imagined us living, and yet we’ve come to appreciate many aspects of our new home.

While one thing we don’t enjoy is that there is so much going on, that’s also part of what I love about living here now. There are places I’ve never been, restaurants I’ve never eaten at, things I’ve never seen, and places I’ve never shopped. I’ve never lived in a town big enough for a Cheesecake Factory til now, and I pretty much devour any Cuban food I can get my hands on. I find myself just driving around while M.D. is studying on weekends, stopping at any store that looks interesting.

Whenever we have a weekend that M.D. isn’t studying his life away, we head over to the beaches. Man, are they worth the trip! The water is this crazy blue that I have only seen on cruises. My hometown’s beaches, while lots of fun, are nowhere near this beautiful. The sand down here is so fine, and the people watching is always entertaining (if not frightening at times).

Probably the best thing that we’ve found about South Florida is our church. Like South Florida, it is so different than anything we’ve ever experienced. I grew up Catholic, and M.D. grew up Baptist, so the services that seem like rock concerts took some getting used to. We’ve been connected to some amazing people and are blessed to be able to listen to an incredible pastor every week, so it’s worth the burst eardrums.

Even though I don’t see South Florida being our forever home, I’m learning to enjoy it while we’re here. My goal for the next few years is just to see and do as much as I possibly can, and soak everything in. Who knows the next time I’ll live in such a big city? And even if I have come to love Cuban coffee, it doesn’t mean I have to like the drivers…




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