My Birthday

24 09 2011

Today is my birthday! I’m still at the age where I get excited about birthdays, and they’ve always been a big deal in my family. For the past few day’s I’ve been receiving cards in the mail (which M.D. wouldn’t let me open until today, of course). My dad came down Tuesday night to have dinner with me, give me presents, and eat a cake he made. It was a nice little celebration and my birthday present was the best (7th row seats to the Broncos/Dolphins game next month!) It’ll keep the party going a bit longer.

My mom and sisters are coming down to visit today. My sister J hasn’t been down to visit me since we moved to South Florida last year, so I’m excited to show her around since I think she’ll love the area. It’ll be great to visit with her, too, since she’s been crazy busy since May. She and her boyfriend took a month-long trip to Europe, and then went straight from there to a 2-month internship on the other side of the country. Oh, college life 🙂

My other sister, C, and my mom were just down about a month ago, and we hit up some of the bigger shopping areas. I’m really excited to try out C’s idea of thrifting down here this time around. Our plans always seem to revolve around eating, too, so I’m sure there will be lots of that going on.

My poor husband will be left to fend for himself while we’re shopping, but I don’t think he’ll mind too much because it looks like we’re getting our new car delivered today. More details to come, but let’s just say it involves lots of speed and lots of fun. We’re pretty excited. So I’m sure he’ll end up test driving it quite a bit, and then he has plans to go shoot 5 stand or skeet at the local range and watch his college team play football.

My college team is playing tonight and I never miss watching a game if I can help it! Thankfully the rest of my family are big Gator fans too (besides M.D.) so that will be the activity for the evening. It will be a pretty busy but exciting day!




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