Ready for Fall

23 09 2011

Fall is by far my favorite season. I love gearing up for the holidays, the cooler weather, the hot foods, practically everything. Even growing up in Central Florida, there was a definite shift to fall sometime in mid-September. When I went to school in Gainesville and M.D. was in Tallahassee, the temperature change was even more significant.

Let’s look at some first day of fall temperatures for this year, shall we?

Tallahassee, FL: High – 84 Low – 68
Gainesville, FL: High – 87 Low – 71
Hometown, FL: High – 88 Low – 77
South Florida: High – 90 Low – 76

Did Florida just not get the memo this year? It’s cool in other parts of the country! I would really love to bring out my pumpkin candles and hot apple cider, please. At least this ridiculous heat hasn’t been stopping the grocery stores from stocking up on fall foods – I made an amazing discovery of Thomas’s pumpkin spice bagels this week and I guess that will have to tide me over.




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