On Starting a Blog

22 09 2011

Most people won’t get it. Blogging has become more popular in the past few years, but when you tell people that you spent a few hours just enjoying some quiet time reading blogs, you’ll for sure get some weird looks.

I blogged in high school as a kind of diary, but stopped sometime Senior year when I got too busy running off with my friends to write anything down. I didn’t start reading other people’s blogs until I got engaged, though. Weddingbee and others like it inspired me with other women planning their weddings and doing it all on their own. I needed all of the help I could get, being the first of my friends to get “hitched”, as the hubs would call it. It didn’t take long for me to get hooked, and my Google Reader expanded to more than just wedding blogs.

By far my favorite blog was The Pioneer Woman. Who doesn’t love her? At this point, my then-fiancĂ© teased me about following people I didn’t even know and what was going on in their lives. Once he tasted her chicken fingers, though, he didn’t tease me any more!

Once M.D. (the hubs) and I got married and moved for his med school, I started spending even more time reading blogs. His busy study schedule left me with lots of free time, and we could be reading in the same room throughout the day (it still counts as “together time”!) A few times he jokingly asked if I was ever going to start a blog, and I would say “maybe”. It started me thinking though, and then I just decided to go for it.

This blog will probably end up being a little of this and a little of that, but as long as I keep enjoying it I’ll probably keep it up. Hopefully it will keep me busy and entertained while the hubs is learning to save people’s lives.




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